I grew up in tattoo studios, while my parents were tattooing and loved it ever since, I first experienced tattooing when I was 20 years old, living in Durban and helping my mother out in her tattoo studio. At the time I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do with my life was attracted to the art of tattooing and my mother agreed to teach me the skill. My first real tattoo was on myself and I instantly fell in love with the art of tattooing.

My parents had both been tattooing for over 30 years and they originally opened a studio called Bayview Tattoo studio which my brother took over in 1995 when he was just 18. He later changed the name of the studio to East Coast Kustoms. You may have heard of my bro before – he's Shawn Lindgren and has travelled extensively internationally. My other brother Brian is also involved in the industry and recently started a tattoo supply company called Red liquid which imports quality tattoo products into South Africa.

So after learning the basics of the trade from my mother in Durban, I moved to PE to get more experience and grow my skill under my Brother Shawn's mentorship. Words really cannot describe how much he taught me, I am forever in your debt for your guidance and help in crafting my skill. I then went on to further my career and started doing shoots for suicide girls and been growing ever since, my life's work and art has opened doors to greater things. Tattoos are truly amazing, so many opportunities for us as artists. It's like a never ending dream. always wanted to do cover of a tattoo magazine ,and the time finally came, would like to say thanks to Mel bird from Inked Xposed and the crew for being another story in my fairytale, and respect to all the ink lovers as well as SA's artists.

Let's keep the ink flowing and keep up the good work

All my love.
Cheryl XXX